Providing Governments with innovative technology-driven tools, which enable them to efficiently communicate with their citizens anytime, anywhere.


Part of TIMWE Group, we account for 10+ years of experience in providing innovative technology-driven tools to drive Governments to create a life bond with their citizens, being able to efficiently communicate and interact with them. GOVWE helps Governments keep up with new technologies, modernizing their services and increasing their reach.


We operate in 80 countries, in all 5 continents, with 30 offices globally. Outside of our core Latin American and Middle East markets, we are rapidly consolidating our position across Africa, Eastern Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.




We maximize mobile engagement for our clients – mobile operators, media groups, brands, governments/NGOs and end consumers – through effective business enabling solutions, leveraging our proprietary technology, our global network of connections to mobile carriers, our industry expertise and local presence.




We aim to be a global reference and a pioneering leader in the mobile & technological services, through the development and delivery of effective, scalable and flexible solutions, customizable to the needs and strategic goals of our clients.



  • Impact: we commit to maximum value creation and business enablement for our clients.
  • Flexibility: we adjust to the needs, challenges and goals of our clients as well as to market trends and the technological evolution.
  • Ambition: we aim to be the global reference and the preferred provider for our clients.
  • Entrepreneurship: we have an acute ability to spot and explore high potential business opportunities and foster innovation.
  • Global: we have a global presence and a multicultural team.
  • Human Capital: we nurture talent and invest deeply in people development and growth.
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