For over a decade TIMWE Group has been providing result oriented service management solutions across the globe. Regardless of the client or industry, the focus has been on ensuring the highest return on investment at lowest possible cost. This approach pushes us to excel and never remain idle in the face of change. GOVWE brings that philosophy and experience to the world of the Internet of Things.


Our Smart City Enablement portfolio of solutions enables secure sensing, analysis and integration of a variety of specific verticals making up today’s cities. It brings sustainability, economic viability and citizen´s long term well‑being.


The combined expertise and technological know-how improves quality of life, reduces the costs and increases overall effectiveness of the affected sectors.


Smart City Enablement Platform transforms the daunting complexity and uncertainty of Internet of Things into manageable end-to-end solutions ensuring cross-sector collaboration thus paving the way for the coming wave of connected things.


Full cycle device management and application deployment capabilities are provided through an intuitive web based self-service command center.


Our device and industry agnostic philosophy ensures that our clients don’t lose on any opportunity as we deliver solutions across all major industry specific verticals.


Lowest total cost of ownership ensures quick and easy deployment providing rapid delivery for speed-to-market.


High service scalability allows us to accompany the growth every step of the way.


Taking advantage of our existing data centers around the world, we can provide a cloud based deployment for a faster time to market. However, if setup requirements demand it on premise deployment is available upon request.


These objectives have served as the basis for Smart City Enablement Platform. Standard API’s enable devices to seamlessly communicate with the platform thus rapidly enabling connected M2M solutions & lowering entry threshold for mobile operators, governmental entities, and small-and-medium industry users.


Smart City Enablement platform is harnessing the potential of low power sensors, wireless networks, and web and mobile-based applications ensures ubiquitous connectivity, information sharing and integration and cross-sector collaboration.


  • Environment

New sensor networks in conjunction with wireless networks provides accurate monitoring of environmental conditions such as pollution levels, wildlife counts, and water consumption of traffic flows.


  • Safety

Structural Health Monitoring of buildings, bridges and dams as well as advanced warnings systems in emergency situations can now be put in place.


  • Transportation

Through sensors embedded in roadways and streetlights, real-time transit and traffic information is obtained, processed and shared with multiple stakeholders, thus reducing travel time, environmental impact and fuel consumption.


  • Utilities

A smart utility grid empowers citizens and business owners to be more aware of their consumption patterns. With a fully integrated system, utility companies can manage more efficiently the output levels.


  • Buildings

Smart Buildings utilize monitoring devices that track usage and empower users and service providers to carbon footprint while reducing costs.

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