TIMWE Performance Management System Benefits:

  • Focus on results
    Saves time by empowering the establishment of clear performance objectives
  • Aligns organization activities and processes
    Identifies organizational goals, results
  • Produces meaningful measurements
    The reporting system allows objectives monitoring and evaluation
  • Improve organization communication
    Facilitating open communication and a joint dialogue throughout the organization
  • Organization overview
    Cultivates a system-wide, long-term performance view of the organization


  • Multilevel structure
    Each organizational unit may be allowed to “impose” objectives, targets, initiative or tasks to descendent units, allowing TIMWE Performance Management System to be used across the organization.
  • Organization Modeling
    Supports unlimited structure levels, allowing the involvement of all the organization in the performance management initiative.
  • The advantages of a market BPM Platform
    Give all the advantages and power of an external platform (like monitoring, scalability, integration, etc.), which is continuously and independently developed.
  • Event-Based Extensibility
    The system is event based (example: new KPI created, object attribute changed, user login), and each of those events can trigger a process in the BPM platform.
  • Integrated Manual Interactions
    Data requested by the processes implemented in the BPM is collected directly in the tool.
  • Platform Independent
    Can be combined with several dashboard and reporting platforms, which allow us to provide the best solution while also being able to leverage on current investments.
  • Modern and Powerful Analytics
    Leverages on modern and powerful BI platforms (like Microsoft Power BI) to provide self BI features and user-friendly interfaces into data analysis.
  • Empowering Self-Service BI
    Allows end users to design and deploy their own reports and analyses within an approved and supported architecture and tools portfolio.
  • Initiatives and Tasks Management
    Gant chart allows a quick and effortless way to visualize tasks progress and act upon that.
  • MS Project Server Integration
    Integration can be configured allowing progress and other information on tasks to be automatically updated.
  • Expand Risk Management Across the Organization
    Any object can be assigned or share one or more risks, therefore allowing risk management practices too closely integrated with performance management. Risk management tools allow risk assessment, mitigation strategy definition.
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