ICT and mobile technology is rapidly expanding governments’ capacity to produce benefits for governmental entities, citizens, businesses, and to impact positively overall national economic growth.


By enabling the development of a whole new set of applications and services, governments around the globe are in the position to ignite a powerful and transformational capacity to increase access to existing services, to expand the delivery of new services, to increase active citizen participation in government operations and to change the way of working within the public sector.


The public sector all around the world faces many challenges: globalization, higher quality expectations, safety, efficiency, demand for increased transparency and reduced budgets.

AS part of TIMWE Group, GOVWE´s technological backbone supports a team of both tactical and strategic experts that can quickly assess and deploy cost efficient and yet effective solutions at a regional or national level thus tackling above mentioned challenges.

The solutions enable digital interactions between citizens and the governmental entities (C2G), between governments and government agencies (G2G), between government and citizens (G2C), between government and employees (G2E), and between government and businesses/commerce (G2B).


  • National Citizen’s Database

A National Citizen Database is the backbone of mGovernment solutions, as it serves as the reference for all government related in-country activities. A reliable, scalable and nationwide system with real‑time access to a central database is therefore essential. GOVWE’s platform enables nationwide citizen participation thus making governmental entities more accountable, transparent and effective.


  • eGovernment Solutions

eGov set of tailor made solutions allows electronic handling of government processes. This in return improves considerably reach of online services and increases transactions in both the public and private sectors.

Working with local entities, GOVWE develops and integrates with a variety of services ranging from Interior Ministry, thus ensuring citizen verification, to Utility companies, allowing online utility billing services.


  • mGovernment Solutions

Supported by the National Citizen´s Database and eGovernment Solutions, we are in the position to launch nationwide mGov solutions. We ensure a wider outreach of Governmental solutions to citizens and better interaction with them while lowering the costs of service delivery.

TIMWE Group is entrusted with the delivery of some of the mobile government initiatives due to our vast experience in telecommunications, flexibility, global outlook, past experience in mGov and high levels of commitment. We provide an end-to-end mobile first solutions that allow horizontal connections (among government agencies) or vertical connections (between central and regional government agencies). The services can be related to judicial, security, health, social affairs, finances, education and environment.


  • Performance Management System

TIMWE performance Management System allows organizations to support dynamic management processes that are always in a state of change. We believe the successful enterprise performance management initiatives need to rely on ‘living’ solutions that can cope with constant changes and evolutions. These changes may be driven by strategic planning cycles (on annual or multi-yearly cycles), or to short-term changes in business conditions.

GOVWE’s platform was designed and developed to bring relevant control, monitoring and data to all levels of the organization. Achieving such needs a proper and structured approach to performance management, our system is able to cope with different approaches, providing the needed flexibility to deploy custom modeling, planning and control processes and to adjust defined ones during the entire performance management lifecycle.

TIMWE performance Management System was designed and developed focusing modern organization challenges. Results are a powerful and user friendly system that aims to establish itself as a key tool in organizations, empowering them during the entire performance management lifecycle towards vision and goals fulfillment.


GOVWE is entrusted with the delivery of some of the mobile government initiatives due our vast experience in:


Using the growing mobile penetration across the world, we offer solutions that extend outreach to often difficult-to-reach groups, thus enabling participation regardless of the socio-economical background or location.



Online government services reduce considerably the need for hard copy forms.



Digital government takes down the barriers as citizens no longer have to travel to government agents. Citizens can access the services at any time and any location.


Successfully implemented eGov and mGov services cut costs through streamlines processes, shared and co-ordinated data access.



Enabling governments to deliver one-to-one communication with citizens, enriched with an enhanced knowledge of the population and each individual.


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