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Harnessing the power of smart and wearable devices, our suite of solutions specifically designed for the needs of Expos and Big Events organizers to alleviate crowd, security, payment and access management, on the benefit of an improved visitor experience.


GOVWE provides turnkey technological solutions for big events, maximizing the visitor experience while easing the management effort.


A more informed and technological savvy population demands more advance yet convenient solutions. The experience starts at home, way before the visit really happens, and will end by sharing the good and bad experience in the social networks.


Our suite of solutions provide a seamless integration between the physical and digital world allowing an accurate management of the full cycle visitor experience.


  • Big Event Wristband

The Big Event Wristband relies on a short-range RFID chip for access identification and payment instances while a Bluetooth low energy device broadcasts the wristband´s location. The visitors no longer have to worry about losing their tickets. Access during peak hours is simplified, security improved and overall experience enhanced.


  • Crowd Management

Crowd management combines a set of techniques to allow the organization to know and analyze the location of visitors, identify pattern flows and implement control actions. This in return improves event experience (visitors can avoid crowded areas).


  • Mobile Application & External Portal

The mobile application aims to be a “one stop shop” to the visitors providing all of the necessary information and services. Available for most of the operating systems, it has a broad reach and utility. The external portal, on the other hand, is available to both visitor and none visitors.


  • Social Media Monitoring and Customer Care

By monitoring feedback shared by the visitors via social media interfaces, event organizers can quickly amend or emphasize certain aspects of the event. State of the art platform automatically classifies complaints, feelings and context.


  • Banking of the Future

Electronic wallet system replaces credit cards and the need for physical currencies. It provides simplicity and commodity to the visitors. While the merchants can expect an increase in sales.


  • Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Platform is more than just integrated software working together; it is a single, unified platform that enables powerful and agile analytics. The platform aggregates all the information available and obtained through different sources.


  • 3D Virtual Tour and Augmented Reality

The 3D Virtual Tour provides those unable to attend the event to experience it from far. Event organizers can use the tool to attract visitors or create an even more immersive experience for the current attendees.


  • 3D Displays

The “3D Displays” are composed of video-walls, kiosks and interactive tables that provide the attendees with vital information in a relevant and entertaining manner.


  • Smart Parking

The Big Event Parking Solution allows visitors to remotely manage their parking spots. One can identify free spots when leaving the hotel, doesn’t need to wonder around in search of the vehicle and pay easily.


  • Smart Glasses

The smart glasses creates an additional layer allowing event organizers to extend the experience beyond the physical. Visitors can interact with displayed information or exhibits at a new level.

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