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what we do

Our product portfolio is specially focused on providing Governments with innovative technology-driven tools, which enable them to modernize their services, whilst reducing costs and efficiently interacting with their citizens.

Our solutions

In order to be able to offer the best solutions, we are continually enriching our list of products and services, by combining the latest market trends with our global experience.

Mobile Government Solutions

ICT and mobile technology is rapidly expanding governments’ capacity to produce benefits for governmental entities, citizens, businesses, and to impact positively overall national economic growth.


Our Smart City Enablement portfolio of solutions enables secure sensing, analysis and integration of a variety of specific verticals making up today’s cities. It brings sustainability, economic viability and citizen´s long term well‑being.


GOVWE presents Healthy-Circle™, a result oriented service management solution, across the globe


Harnessing the power of smart and wearable devices, our suite of solutions specifically designed for the needs of Expos and Big Events organizers to alleviate crowd, security, payment and access management, on the benefit of an improved visitor experience.

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